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Amanda Luisa

Amanda Luisa

Hello there! My name is Amanda Luisa and I am a self-taught, self-proclaimed professional crocheter who loves to create unique and customizable designs! Born and raised in California, I currently live in the Midwest with my soulmate and our fur-child, Beanie  (who is my esteemed business partner 😉).

I started making YouTube videos in October 2015 and received an overwhelming amount of support from my audience that I simply could not ignore! In December 2016 my mother-in-law taught me how to crochet in Spanish and I have been hooked (pun intended) ever since! My crochet videos received the most love so I decided it was time to learn everything I could about the art and share it with all of you.

I consider myself to be a modern crochet designer with simple methods and layouts but I am always up for a challenge! I love encouraging you to customize your crochet to YOUR body and hope to inspire modern originality! Anything can happen in my small corner of the webernet!

Grab your favorite crochet hook and take a look around 😊


P.S. If you are obsessed with crochet patterns as much as I am then check out my pattern shop to see if you find something you like!